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Analysis of Dirt the Movie (Movie Review Sample)


This task required students to watch "dirt! The movie" and answer several questions provided by the instructor. The sample is a response to different questions analyzing THE movie content.


Dirt the Movie
Dirt the Movie
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Yard waste and food scraps together can make up about 30% of what human beings throw away. Compost is an organic material that can be added to the soil to aid in the growth of plants. Composting is an aerobic process that helps in keeping organic material out of landfills where they occupy space and release potent greenhouse gases. The basic ingredients in the process of composting include browns, greens, and water. Having the right amount of these three is essential in compost development. Greens like food crops are rich in nitrogen. Browns such as sawdust and dead leaves are high in carbon. Adding a balance of ‘green’ and ‘brown’ material helps compost to break down properly.
Composting has several benefits including preventing climate change. It offers an environmental-friendly alternative that helps in decreasing the amount of methane gas released into the air and, thus, lowering the carbon footprint. Methane is 30 times more potent as compared to carbon dioxide. Also, composting is cheaper and more efficient. Transporting large chunks of organic material from one place to another with the aim of getting rid of waste material can be quite expensive. Additionally, compost enriches the soil, suppresses plant pests and diseases, and helps in retaining moisture. It also minimizes the need for chemical fertilizers.
Part 2
1 Dirt is believed to be ‘living’ because it contains entirely all of the life’s kingdoms in it. A handful of dirt contains numerous species making it ‘alive”.
2 Small lenses of soil leftovers from the Ice Age have become larger and deeper. Because the decomposition cycle, renewal, and soil building makes soil thicker and capable of supporting biodiversity, a small soil lens from the glaciers can lead to a huge old growth forest.
3 Fungus mycelium is present in all soils. As the fungus decomposes wood and other plant material, it turns into dirt and generates soil.
4 While Clyde was in the hospital, the back of his pickup truck nearly turned into a garden after staying in the sun and meeting with the natural elements for a lengthy period.
5 “I just had a sip of dinosaur pee” is a statement by Andy Lipkis meaning that the water available today has been recycled through the water cycle. No new water is available. The same water used by animals such as dinosaurs and many others countless years ago is still the same one available today.
6 Animals such as cows play a significant role in dirt formation. The parts of the plants that humans cannot consume are turned into soil in the form of cow droppings and this is the start of dirt formation.
7 The wine expert smells and tastes the dirt of the vineyards as he believes that dirt is important in producing good wine. According to him, the ground exposes the wines’ deep flavors.
8 Three applications of mud and dung mixtures include:

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