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Evaluating the Film "Friday Night Lights" (Movie Review Sample)


I WAS EXPECTED TO Identify the main characters/people/organization and give a brief description of each. Why are they present in the film? If the film is based on a real person/event, compare reality to the filmed version. IWAS TO Describe the geographic and social location/setting of the film. The social location refers to what the atmosphere is like for people based on social characteristics like race, class, gender, AND sexual orientation.


Friday Night Lights

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Friday Night Lights is a true story film about a high school football team in Odessa, Texas during the 1988 season. Permian Panthers is the name of the high school. The movie documents the teams season as they attempt to make a run at the Texas state championship. The movie also shows how much pressure the players and coaches are put under by the obsessed fans and parents.
The movie does an excellent job of showing the players off the field struggles. The Quarterback, Mike Winchell whose mother is mentally ill, uses football as a way to a better life by getting a scholarship to Baylor University. The fullback, Don Billingsley’s has to overcome the trials of having an abusive and alcoholic dad. Billingsley’s dad is a great example of how parents can ruin a sport for a child.
The movie portrays how a team can still find a way to win even after enduring lots of adversity. The Panthers was hoping to win the state finals game, but after losing their star running back, James “Booby” Miles, all hope seems to be lost. 1 After losing the next few games, the coaches are put under a lot of pressure to find someone to fill the role of the star player of the team. After overcoming his fear of getting hit, the third-string running back, Chris Comer surfaces as the new star of the team.1The team eventually makes it to the state title game, but the season ends in disappointment when they come just short of winning the game.

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