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Power and Politics of Flight of Phoenix Analysis (Movie Review Sample)


View scenes 11 & 12 (minutes 32:00–38:30) of Flight of the Phoenix. As we get back to our crash survivors, we can observe that some of them are beginning to take action to save themselves. Unfortunately, there is pretty strong disagreement over what should be done, resulting in lots of spilled water. As you watch, pay attention to how Kelly (the only woman in the group), Captain Towns, and Elliot each try to exercise power. Try to recognize examples of each of the five types of power being used.
-List one specific example of how each of the five types of power is exercised in this clip.
-Explain why your cited action or dialogue is the type of power you say it is.
-Which example appears to be the most effective in achieving its goal?
Moore, J. (Director). (2004). Flight of the Phoenix. DVD. Twentieth Century Fox Films.
Nelson, D. L., & Quick, J. C. (2017). ORGB5. Cengage Learning.


Power and Politics of Flight of Phoenix
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Power and Politics of Flight of Phoenix
As the after-crash survivors of the Flight of the Phoenix try to save themselves in the middle of a desert, several disagreements arise mainly because many people are trying to establish dominance and exercise power in deciding on what is to be done and when it is supposed to be done. By accessing the various characters such as Captain Towns, Elliot and Kelly together with their actions and behaviors in the scene, it is possible to identify each of them with a specific form of power that they exercise.
Captain Towns who is the commanding captain of the ill-fated plane and he exercises legitimate power to his targets, which is the power based on his position as the captain and this power gives him the right to influence his subjects. In the 6 minute clip, Captain Towns makes a decision a decision for the stranded crew to march out of the desert to the nearest water point so that they can sustain their water supplies (Moore 2004). He summons the crew members and tells them, “I made a decision and I would like all of you to hear about it. I intend to march out of here by travelling during the night and rest during the day when it is cool. “
Expert power is exercised by Elliot, who has the technical knowledge of interpreting navigational maps and also claims to be an aeronautical engineer. He summons the crew members and explains to them how far their position is to that of the nearest water point.
Also, reward power is exercised by Elliot, who keeps the group from trekking into the desert by letting them know that he has some technical know-how and could fix the plane that would get them out of the desert.
Coercive power has been exhibited by the captain when he calls out for volunteers to accompany him in his walk out of the desert, where almost everyone is forced to take agree with the plan since they dared not g

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