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Evaluating "Pariah, Short Film" (Movie Review Sample)


Topic: Movie Review
Movie selection: Pariah, Short Film
You will write a 2-3 page movie review that focuses on a movie that has an example of a cultural battle for the hearts and minds of today’s children and adolescents (this should include some of the factors discussed in the course rationale such as etiological factors surrounding strong-willed, aggressive, and violent behaviors in children and adolescents). Use the following format when completing your Movie Reviews – include the headings below (in current APA format) in each of your reviews. Be sure to reference the grading rubric as you write your review.


Movie Review: Pariah
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Movie Review: Pariah
The Review
The film “Pariah” is about a teenager identified as Alike who stays with her parents, Audrey and Arthur, and her younger sister Sharonda in Brooklyn’s Fort Greene neighborhood. Alike is a lesbian, and she is portrayed as one who has embraced her identity and is looking for a lover (Archer, 2011). However, her parents are straining in their marriage, and Alike is stressed about how she can confide in them. Her mother forces her to associate and befriend Aasha Davis, a colleague’s daughter. She develops a serious crush on Aasha and finds her to be a pleasant companion.
The specific scene that greatly impacted my thinking was when Alike’s father defended her before people who termed her as a lesbian. The film shows that Alike’s family members know that she is gay as much as it is not explicitly depicted until the conclusion. The silence between the family adds tension to each relationship, and most significantly between Alike’s parents. However, despite all this, Arthur chose to defend his daughter even though it is true that she is a lesbian. The central concept here is parental support and protection. Most children find it challenging to come out; however, they will accept who they are with their parents’ support and protection. This will also help them create their identity and awareness.
The aspect that viewers should look out for in the film is each character’s determination to achieve their goals. Alike’s family members are all focused on achieving their heart desires. For instance, Alike comes out and is focused on being gay because it is what identifies her. The same is witnessed in Audrey, Arthur, and other characters.

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