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A Response on Tuesdays with Morrie (Movie Review Sample)


A link to the movie was provided. it was required of me was to watch the movie and provide a response on the movie entitled "TUESDAYS WITH MORRIE". The following were required,
Provide a brief description of the character and his experience.
A review of the development stage.
Connect and apply the Development stage theory to the character in the movie.


A Response on Tuesdays with Morrie
Institutional Affiliation
Tuesdays with Morrie
Morrie Schwartz, a sociology professor, had Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). Morrie was a smart man who had gone through a lot in his life. Morrie, the son of Russian immigrants, had a rough childhood, which included the death of his mother and his brother's sickness with the Poliovirus. Nevertheless, Morrie worked as a researcher in a mental institution, where he learned about mental disease and how to empathize with others. Morrie afterward decided to become a sociology professor to have his lessons reach as many people as possible. At college is where he met Mitch Albom, a classmate and lifelong friend.
Mitch spent the better part of his life with Morrie; Mitch learned a lot from Morrie and wrote some of Morrie's experiences, hence coming up with the book which Mitch entitled Tuesdays with Morrie. Each Tuesday, Mitch would visit Morrie; Morrie would inspire and inform Mitch with life experiences that Morrie had gone through over the years. Morrie was not scared to be vulnerable and transparent. He was aware that he was dying that his ability to care for himself was eroding, but he was not fighting it. Morrie was gentle with his emotions and allowed himself to feel everything completely. Morrie not only enjoyed the last days of his life but also made certain that he leaves behind his student, Mitch, with a legacy and a lasting impression.
Emotional Aspects of Development Stage
Emotion management abilities appear to improve with age. In comparison to younger people, older persons report less emotional distress and greater emotional stability and well-being. In addition, older people may be better at resolving interpersonal conflicts than younger people (GarryHill, 2020). They may give more attention to the good and less attention to the bad, and they may recover from negative emotions faster than younger people. At first look, there appears to be an emotional outfit with maturity and a greater and possibly intentional tendency to see the world through rose-colored glasses. It is intriguing to realize that older adults may experience higher emotions in some settings than younger people. Emotional changes with age are difficult. Later Adulthood is not just a period of emotional well-being and serenity. Intense emotions exist, and emotions to major life experiences may worsen rather than improve with age. When powerful emotions are triggered, older people may not be able to control their emotions 

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