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Community Psychology: Citizen X Movie Review (Movie Review Sample)


A review of the movie 'citizen x.' WAtching and answering questions on it.


Community Psychology: Citizen X
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Community Psychology: Citizen X
1 Rostov (near Rostov-on-Don Town), south of Soviet Union
2 Burakov, the forensic pathologist, Fetisov Rea's supportive superior, and plainclothes officer at Donleskhoz station.
3 52 woman and children were murdered, 35 of them were children.
4 Andrei Chikatilo lured them into sex and stabbed them to death before ejaculating on them.
5 The killer was married to Feodosia Odnacheva.
6 Chikatilo had 2 children, daughter Lyudmila (1965) and son Yuri (1969).
7 Chikatilo worked in an industry in Novocherkassk.
8 Chikatilo was first arrested on 13 September 1984 but released the results of his blood type analysis discounted him as to the killings (Griffin, 2015). He had semen of a different blood type.
9 When the killer first came to the attention of the ME, it was in the fall season.
10 The killer was caught for the second time during the rainy season. The climate was cool and wet.
Yes, the ME had emotional reactions especially the interrogator because he had many friends affected by the murder cases.
The psychiatrist came and helped ME to get a confession which closed the case.
The ME has FBI of the US who had enough research but the “higher-ups” refused to allow the ME to contact them in the fear that it would make USSR look weak.
The ME was congratulated by the public, the interrogator, and General Fetisov. The “higher-ups” offered military support which helped get the last body before Chikatilo’s final arrest (Griffin, 2015).
The helped The ME to get a confession form Chikatilo who was a hard nut to crack. This helped the ME discover three more bodies and close the case.
The Law enforcement used uniformed officers to ensure that the killer lays low before catching him using plainclothes officers (Griffin, 2015). They plainclothes officers acted as CIs.
The killer, Chikatilo, was convicted of 52 murders and executed by being shot to death.
After the killer was caught, Gorbunov interrogated him for seven consecutive days without yielding even under pressure (Griffin, 2015). Burakov and Fetisov instated on bringing in Psychiatrist Bukhanovsky but Gorbunov only agrees a...
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