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Redefining the Concept of the Hollywood Drama Genre (Movie Review Sample)


The task was to review the movie brokeback mountain. The sample is a reflection paper on how the movie redefined the Hollywood drama genre.


Redefining the Concept of the Hollywood Drama Genre
Redefining the Concept of the Hollywood Drama Genre
The movie Brokeback Mountain is based on the Hollywood drama genre because it explores and depicts themes that are consistent with stories based in the drama genre. The theme of love in the story is explored through a relationship that transcends the protagonists but also destroys them. Intolerance is another dramatic theme explored in the film that depicts the characters at their best and worst moments. At the end of the film, the performances challenge stereotypes and established tropes through their depiction of masculinity and its relationship to sexual orientation. By depicting these dramatic themes and challenging established tropes and stereotypes, the film has established itself as a Hollywood drama.
Brokeback Mountain presents the story of two men who fall in love with each other in a society that has stigmatized homosexuality. Ennis Del Mar and Jack Twist are the two flawed characters who find each other and fall in love with each other. Both men possessed characteristics and traits that attracted them to each other. Ennis was quiet and reserved, content to let his actions speak for him rather than relying on his words. Jack was outgoing, flashy and brazen (Lee, 2005). Naturally, their opposite traits led to them growing attached to each other as they were worked together to make their uncomfortable working conditions tolerable. Ennis grew an attraction for Jack's brash nature. For example, in the movie, he confesses to Ennis that he is a sinner because he was actively sexual. Ennis is impressed by Jack and admits that he is still a virgin. Jack, on the other hand, becomes attracted to Ennis' thoughtful, straightforward and responsible nature. For example, Ennis notices that Jack had become increasingly frustrated with the condition they were in. Therefore he decided to cook a special soup for Jack and offered to take one of Jack's shifts for him to let him rest (Lee, 2005). Both these characters inevitably fall in love with each other because they understand and complement each other.
The main protagonists are involved in a complicated love for each other because not only is their relationship not tolerated by society; it is also based on opposite individuals with traumatic pasts. In the film, Ennis and Jack are prevented from ever forming a stable relationship because it was forbidden. Homosexuality is looked down upon in the state of Wyoming and there are multiple instances where the two men are prevented from working on their relationship. In the beginning, they are denied the time to spend more time with each other and develop a deeper understanding of each other. This is because the owner of the ranch had spied on them together as a couple therefore due to his intolerance he cut short their employment and refused to hire Jack again in the future (Lee, 2005). The years that passed before they saw each other again forced each man to move on with their life by getting jobs and creating families which further eroded their chance to form a stable relationship. Ennis' sense of responsibility for his family causes him to pass up on an opportunity to run away with Jack to a new city where they could live a new life. This meant that they had no choice but to meet sporadically causing Jack to seek pleasure from other people.
Their inability to form a stable relationship meant that both men took out their frustration on other people. Ennis pressured his wife to engage in anal sex with him because he could

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