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Stereotypes in Princess and frog Literature & Language Movie Review (Movie Review Sample)


Evaluating the stereotypes towards african American women as presented in the film


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Stereotypes in the movie The Princes and the Frog
The Princess and the Frog is the first animated movie from Disney which features a black princess. The film reinforces gender and racial stereotypes which foster racism and sexism agendas. Racial stereotypes are not new to American society, and the representation in the movie is demeaning and embarrassing. The movie is insensitive to cultural history.
Racism Stereotypes 
The movie illuminates negative stereotype of the African American race. The Princes and the Frog shows that black people occupied a subordinate social status. The fact that Tiana works as a maid in the wealthy house shows the life of blacks during the era of slavery. Arguably, depicting Tiana, as a maid traces back into the pre-existing prejudices associated with black women. Indeed, the image ignites the feeling of oppression of black women in a society which primarily viewed them to be servants (Ewert). The creators of the movie intentionally reproduce the stereotypes through setting it in New Orleans where slavery was rampant. The idea to use a Black protagonist in an area that was prone to racial discrimination draws an ancient cultural image of oppression.

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