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An Anlysis Assignment Paper of Three Different Sitcoms (Movie Review Sample)


three sitcoms were evaluated. one from the fifties, another from the sixties, and the final one from the eighties. the similarities and the differences between the sitcoms were critically analyzed, together whit the social issues depicted in the sitcoms.

An analysis of three sitcoms
This paper is about communication and art. Three sitcoms have been analyzed in the paper. The first sitcom is the first episode of a series called ‘father knows best’. The series was produced and aired in the years between 1954 and 1960. The second sitcom is the TV series The Dick Van Dyke show. The specific episode of the series is ‘Give me your walls’. The sitcom was aired in the sixties. The final sitcom is Roseanne season one episode one called ‘little and stuff’. The difference between the sitcoms will be checked and the similarities too. This will be followed by a review of the sitcoms to establish whether they reflect the times, in which they were aired. A look at whether the sitcoms raise social issues will also be done. Lastly,An evaluation of whether the social issues raised in the sitcoms are relevant today will conclude the paper.
The first sitcom; father knows best episode one
The series began on radio and proceeded to television. It stars Robert Young, Jane Wyatt, Eleanor Danaher, and Billy Gray. It was first aired by CBS for one season , After which it was taken up by NBC where it aired for three consecutive seasons. The first episode is about Bud, who asked a girl out for a dance. The dance was to be his first dance and his first date too. To be prepared for the dance, Bud started learning about dancing from a fifty year old book. His family found him taking up the lessons from the book. This was embarrassing for him. His family then teaches him some dancing movies he could use for the dance.
The second sitcom; the Dick van Dyke show episode one
The TV series was aired in the years between 1961 and 1966 by CBS. Five seasons in total were aired. The series was acted by Dick Van Dyke, Rose Marie, Morey Amsterdam and Larry Mathews. In the first episode Dick Van Dyke and his wife want to attend a party at the home of another TV star. The couple has a sick child. Dick Van Dyke advises his wife to leave the sick child to attend the party. In the party, the wife is nervous about the sick child’s welfare. She calls the baby sitter frequently to check out on the child.
The third sitcom; Roseanne episode one
This sitcom was aired from 1988 to 1997. It stared Roseanne Barr, John Goodman, Laurie Metcalf. It was about the family struggles of a typical American family. In the first episode, the child of Roseanne barks in class. Consequently, Roseanne is summoned d by the school to discuss the matter. She is very furious to the child because she feels that he is not doing her part in the family.
Differences between the sitcoms
The first difference between the sitcoms regards the period during which they were aired. The first sitcom was aired in the in the fifties, the second sitcom in the sixties, and the final sitcom in the eighties. The second difference between the sitcoms is on their content. About this, the first sitcom is about the son of a family who is about to go on a date. The second sitcom is about the parents of a family and who they are raising the child. The final sitcom is about a middle class family, a child, and school.
Similarities between the sitcoms
The main similarity between the sitcoms is on the topics they address. In this regard, all the sitcoms are about the family set up. The second similarity between the sitcoms regards how they depict the family set up. In that regard, all the families in the sitcoms are complete comprising of a mother father and child
How the programs reflect the time they were broadcasted
The first sitcom was broadcasted in the fifties. During this period, the families were mostly complete. Divorce cases were rare. Moreover, dating was a sensitive topic at the time. During dates, the main activity the parties enjoyed was dancing. The stated are depicted in the sitcom, with the family being complete and the young boy wanting to go on a dancing date.
The second sitcom was aired in the sixties. In the period, again, the family set up was complete because the instances of divorce were rare. However, during the period, mothers were perceived to be more sensitive to the families needs than the fathers. In the episode, the stated facts are brought out. The family...
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