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Political Science: Analysis of a Movie in Relation to the Politics (Movie Review Sample)


Analysis of a movie in relation to political science

Political Science
Blow up is a mystery movie characterized by drama. The movie focusses on a successful photographer who displays a dynamic carefree lifestyle. The photographer’s life bases on drugs, music, trending fashion of the time and sex that comes easy for him. This analysis discusses the life of an ordinary photographer whose life changed in his line of duty. This essay talks about how a non-political photographer got into the world of politics when his photography work exposed a murder without his knowledge. His curiosity pushes him to delve deep into his work and uncover minor details of his work. This photographer joins the dots after his extensive work and answers the mystery behind his work.
Antonioni is the main character in the 1966 Drama Blow Up movie. He is the initially carefree photographer who has a boring opinion of his life. Antonioni photography seems to focus more on women, as most of his clients are women. Antonioni concentrates in his photography and does not care about politics. The initial scenes of the movie do not show any political related activities. The photographer is does not show political knowledge. He does not take his photography to the political arena. Antonioni skill in photography stands out from the way he takes photos of women in the studio. Women surround his life, as his clients are majorly women. These women are touched suggestively during potshots confirming the low opinion Antonioni has for women; he does not care about them. Antonioni in his line of duty calls women bitches. Ina scene in the movie, a dialogue between Antonioni and the woman, the photographer says, "I'm fed up with those bloody bitches. I wish I had tons of money. Then I'd be free." Antonioni dismisses women who seek his photography services. Earlier on, the photographer dismisses a woman who tries to show concern for him after a tiresome day. It is clear that Antonioni does not care about women. In the movie, Antonioni takes shots of a couple who will play the role leading to his political life. The photographer’s link to the political world comes out when he goes to make a call in the booth regarding the woman in the photo.
The photographer’s life is about to take a turn. Antonioni goes to the store to look for pictures. When he fails to find these pictures, the photographer goes to the park to take shots of his own photos. His style of taking photos does not lean on a particular field. He walks around the park taking different photos of nature. Antonioni notices a couple having fun in the park and decides to take few shots of them. He hides in the bushes away from the eyes of the couple.
Turn of events start getting mysterious. Antonioni and the woman interact as the woman came in search of her photos. Antonioni gets to know the woman more and the movie depicts the interest the photographer develops on the woman. The interest is not heart fond but regarding the photos, Antonioni took while in the park. The photographer cuts out the negatives the woman needs and lets her go. The photographer analyses the pictures keenly and the breakthrough is clear. The photos he took had a gun. Antonioni did not notice this until when he analyzed the photos and noticed the presence of a gun. Deep analysis and curiosity push the photographer to go to the park and look for clues regarding the murder. His trip to the park in pursuit of clues is fruitful as he finds a major breakthrough.
The photographer goes to the park in the process of uncovering minor details linked to the mysterious murder. Antonioni finds the lifeless body of the man who was with the woman in the park, on the day he took photos of them. The photographer goes to seek help to retrieve the body but to no avail. The next day he goes back to the park and proceeds to the spot where the body was. Antonioni finds the body missing as this turns out to be more mysterious. Politics now come in full force in ...
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