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About The Actor Bruce Lee As A Remarkable Personality (Movie Review Sample)


The task was to watch a movie and to write about the actor BBruce Lee as a remarkable personality

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Fist of Fury
The complexity of Bruce Lee art of acting is well- known to many generations. At the same time, the movies he played have great meaning as they demonstrate timeless values, such as courage, honor and dignity and truth. Thus, Fist of Fury movie tells the audience about the actions developed at the beginning of the twentieth century, when Japan was trying to conquer China and the invaded Shanghai shuddered from the Japanese despotism. The intestine feuds also touched the martial arts school. Thus, one of the Japanese schools leaders committed a crime, killing the mentor of Chinese school. Deeply respected kung fu teacher was poisoned. However, local powers made a deliberately false conclusion that he died from pneumonia. At the same time, his pupil, a skillful and fast as a lightning master of eastern martial arts  HYPERLINK "" \o "Chen Zhen (character)" Chen Zhen came back to school where he found out about the tragedy. However, Chen did not believe that his teacher died from such a disease. Along with this, after the try when Japanese people wanted to besmear the good name of the teacher, the main character was impelled to search the truth and revenge the offenders. Such actions are dictated also by the ignorance of local powers to appeal the criminals to the responsibility and Chen decided to punish the offenders by himself, thus  HYPERLINK "/c/m.exe?t=6053552_1_2" unleashing his fist of  HYPERLINK "/c/m.exe?t=6053552_1_2" fury on them.
What touches most from the first moment of the movi...
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