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Movie Review Assignment on Ruperts War on Journalism (Movie Review Sample)


I was required to review the movie "Rupert's War on Journalism" and show how the media (Fox News) is biased in its news coverage


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Movie Review on Rupert's War on Journalism
The movie reviews of the news coverage of Fox News during the period surrounding the invasion of Iraq in 2003. It also features an interview with former Fox News journalists based on incidents in which they were pressured to slant their reports to support the Republican Party. The movie also features instances in which authors and activists such as Jeremy Glick among other guests were intimidated when they disagreed with commentators such as Billy O'Reilly. The movie also discloses how the great American news brand gives more coverage to the Republican Party, especially those in George Bush's administration and less attention to Democrats. The movie also scrutinizes the management of Fox News which tends to control the coverage that is made and ensuring that it is strongly conservative.
I like the movie because it discloses many vices that the press engages in while under the general umbrella that it is fair and balanced. The media is supposed to feature all news of public importance irrespective of the political perspective of the news and stories. It is also supposed to accommodate and consider all the views raised by their guests instead of intimidating them when they disagree with comment

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