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Marketing. Executive Summary. Description of business. (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


I was assigned to prepare a business plan of a small / family business of your choice. A business plan always helps us to examine a current market, identify customers’ needs and wants, plan for future actions, and predict possible expenses. Your business plan must include the following: - Clear title - Table of contents - Introduction (short description of the business – product – services and its location) - The main goal / objectives - Vision - Market research (target market, SWOT Analysis etc.) - Marketing Plan – Advertisement - Identify competitors - Outline your financial needs (staff, materials, rent, purchase, advertisement expenses, technology etc.) - Possible investors - Action plan (dates, season, implantation of actions etc.) – Hypothetical speaking –
sample consists of a business plan adhering to the requirements.


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Executive Summary
Table Egg Production from Point Of Lay (POL) for the production of table eggs and birds using a battery cage through the process of elevating poultry layer birds. The number of birds raised in the first and half years after construction increased by 2,400 pulp, feeding and drug and bird sales and spent-layers in their first and second-year cycle to 5,000 in the second year of the use of Day Old Chicks, 10,000 in the third, and 20,000 in the fifth year.
The farm is expected to generate about 60 crates a day in the first year at peak production, producing sales of 1.1 million and grassroots income of approximately 0.4 million after the deduction of feed costs monthly. In the first year it is projected that annual sales of up to sixteen million, with income grossly as high as four and a half million. At maximum capacity, the project will produce up to seventy millions of laying birds, and some seventeen million net profit per year.
The most popular method of poultry production is egg production because egg consumption is widespread. There are numerous types of poultry production, including parent stock breeder meats (broiler / production), production of eggs, quail production, turkey farming, ostrich cultivation, duck farming, geese farming and ornamental bird raising.
The farming industry could also be specialized in the fields of brooding, layer production, packaging for liquid eggs, egg trading, cold room marketing, old chicks, feeder milling, transporting birds or sport business for eggs. Due to the enormity of this market, entrepreneurs concentrate on one aspect and add another dimension in the course of time to vertical or horizontal integration, this business is still largely untapped with tremendous potential in every part of the country. It is always essential to specialize and continuously improve skills.
Poultry is a multi-billion - dollar industry: the bigger obstacles to industry growth include lack of credit, a high rate of interest, high maize cost, unusable, cold-burning electricity, incubators and automated cage operation. The prospects are good due to the fallow nature of the industry.
Description of business
The company includes keeping chicken from (day to) 14 weeks when the farmers are transferred to cages. At 19-22 weeks old, the caged birds begin to lay eggs. These eggs are packaged in boxes of up to 30 packs and delivered in town to the consumer.
The packs are soldered as spent layers for meat by age 60 to 75 weeks after the packaging.
The poultry farm can easily rearing chickens, Hens, various chickens, quail, cod, ducks and other species. Chicken and birds are widely consumed throughout the world and therefore a large poultry farming market is present. If you want to set up a livestock breeding business, you have the option of setting up poultry production.
Agriculture is a very prosperous and profitable enterprise. Apart from the consumption of birds and chickens and others, the food supply for poultry farmers is also a significant source of income. The poultry and egg industry players primarily raise meat chickens and egg production.
Mission & Dream
-- Produce nutritious eggs, create jobs and investor wealth. Mission: Missions:
-Build an effective mechanized poultry and ensure that it's worthwhile.
Proposal for Interest
Production of poultry for the creation of wealth.
Critical Success Factors

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