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The Book "Beyond Stress": How Acts Of Gratitude Can Relief Stress (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


Reading the book beyond stress and focus on how acts of gratitude can relief stress.

BEYOND STRESS – STRATEGIES FOR BLISSFUL LIVING Institutional Affiliation Student’s Name Date BEYOND STRESS-STRATEGIES FOR BLISSFUL LIVING (CHAPTER 4) What is the most important information/key concept in chapter 4? Food is the key concept in this chapter, and it’s the main source of energy that we need for our day to day activities. Without food, we could not be alive because food helps us in our growth and sustenance. Another important information is that the earth is the provider of the most natural products that our body needs for healthy growth and a good and fast metabolism that helps in the faster digestion of food unlike some of those foods made in laboratories which somewhat tamper with our healthy daily living. The laboratory made food is hard to digest and thus slowing down the rate of metabolism which leads to excessive fat in our bodies which is accompanied by various diseases. How can I use the information in this chapter to help me with my daily mindfulness practice? For me to do my daily activities effectively, I require energy that can only be found on food. I at times work so much during the day and even find myself working late at night, this gets me so tired and lazy such that when I reach to my house, I only shower and immediately go to sleep or if am lucky I take a cup of juice to sustain me through the night. In the morning am usually so exhausted with no energy to even get out of bed, and when I do, I can’t do my work well because I find myself taking long naps or even can’t comprehend what am doing. Embracing cooking has made me more mindful with my daily routine and can work effectively. How will materials learned in this chapter help me manage my stress more effectively? What our body experiences every day is determined by what we put into it. In this chapter, I feel more encouraged to embrace the consumption of natural foods which are produced from the ground and are way more nutritious as they provide our body with what it requires for our sustenance. Most of the fast foods are good for our eyes as they look so appealing to eat but the side effects of their consumption is not worth it at the end of the day as they bring about a lot of fat in the body which is constantly associated with high sugar levels in the body which causes high blood pressure and you become prone to heart diseases. To be able to manage my stress more effectively, I must be able to give my body a well-balanced diet to help it with the better operation and ...
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