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Paper Related To Health Care Policy And To Determine Its Effectiveness (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


to select and discuss a white paper related to health care policy and to determine its effectiveness


In today's dynamic healthcare environment, healthcare systems require a frequent tune-up and a proactive attitude by the stakeholders. In light of this, the Agency for Healthcare Quality and Research (a United States of America government agency) funded Abt Associates and its partners to conduct research on how to configure and pay for the workforce that needed to deliver fully comprehensive, high quality primary care across the US population. As a result, a White Paper titled Redefining Primary Care for the 21st Century was produced. The paper sets out to evaluate the changes in primary care structure and the processes themselves in order to consider workforce and team configurations. According to the paper, primary care is central to health reform, both for patients and for health systems. The paper emphasizes that ‘patient centeredness is a core component of quality care'. However, to provide this the stakeholders have to grapple with such hindrances as language and cultural discordance between patients and service providers. In the paper's view, a ‘high quality primary care practice must meet the consensus definition of primary care... and be able to meet the triple aim'.
The Agency for Healthcare Quality and Research produced this paper through Abt Associates. The primary purpose of the paper is to set out ways through which primary care can be enabled to re-imagine high-quality and comprehensive care for the 21st century.
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