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Benchmark paper Health, Medicine, Nursing Essay Paper (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


Complete the benchmark paper provided.


Benchmark Paper
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Nightingale College
Head Injury
Accidents may cause different forms of injury depending on the impact and the body parts sustaining injury including fractures, cuts, bruises, and injuries among others. The patient was horse riding when he fell on his head, followed by the horse tipping and landing on him and lastly the steer running him over. Head injury is among the common injury sustained following accidents and blows to the head. Head injury is injury to the skull, scalp or brain (Waugh & Grant, 2014). Following a head injury, victims may suffer a variety of conditions: hematoma, concussion, hemorrhage like traumatic subarachnoid hemorrhage, and diffuse traumatic brain injury among others. The outcome of a head injury can cause coma that may result in more complications such as respiratory failure. The involvement of the nervous system may result in complications such as stroke or hemiplegia.

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