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Infectious Diseases: Evolution of Infectious Diseases (Other (Not Listed) Sample)




Infectious Diseases
Student’s Name
Infectious Diseases
Evolution of Infectious Diseases
The development of the infectious diseases has been believed to be part of the coexistence with the hosts. The spread of the communicable diseases theoretically thought to be in existence with the host in the mathematical model proves heterogeneity between the host contact networks and the influence of the epidemiology of an infectious disease. The pathogen evolution has been linked closely to the statistical mathematics of the amino acids and infectious disease spreaders. However, due to the difficulties in establishing the real development of the parasites a typical approach of synthesis is used to determine the growth.
The integration of the modern biology in parasite variation seeks to understand the relation between the immune system of the host and the existence of parasites. The challenge of linking the little understanding to the of parasites to the evolutionary change, however, remains among the parasite population variation (Frank, 2002). The experimental evolution of the infectious diseases thus left for the study of little recognition relations, dynamics of the host and antigen development study combination.
Government Contribution
The government role in the control of the infectious diseases includes the combination of the global effort of awareness on the outbreak, preparedness and response communication systems across the globe. The government has played a role in the management of the infectious diseases through various methods among them the building of the framework that seeks to guide in the prevent...
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