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Process Engineering and Flowcharting and the Pareto and Control Chart (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


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Running head: Health Care Operations Management
Health Care Operations Management
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Date: 15th Sept., 2019
1 In which three categories can process reengineering improve performance?
Process re-engineering involves recreation of a given essential process in order improve output and quality. It can thus improve performance via reducing resources including time that are used in the process, limiting the differences in the way of doing things and enhancing workflow hence increasing output without increasing input (Langabeer II, 2016).
2 Define and describe the key shapes used in process flowcharting
There are key shapes that are used in flowcharting. These are: Diamond, parallelogram, oval and rectangle. The diamond shows that there is a decision that is required to be taken. A circle and sometimes the oval, depicts an activity that that requires to be accomplished. A parallelogram on the other hand shows data which must be gathered and stored. Finally, a rectangle shows actions and operations that need to be taken (Langabeer II, 2016).
3 What is the difference between a Pareto chart and a control chart? When should each be used?
A Pareto chart indicates the most vital matters/issues in form of graph. The issues are itemized from the most important to the least in the graph. On the other hand, a control chart illustrates data over duration. There are low and upper limits as well as average data. It thus shows if the process is working within the limits of control 

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