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Issues In The Current World And How They Are Affecting People (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


The task was about reading a given article and answering the given questions. This sample is about various issues in the Current world and how they are affecting people differently.

New World Order Presented by: Institution: New World Order 1. My name is Brown and my major is History. I like history because it tells what, how, and when the events happened. It also tells who did what and why. I want to learn about the U.S politics after the Second World War until today. I have never travelled out of the U.S, but I am planning to visit Egypt in Africa as I have learned that it has a rich history of the past. A. My Issues of Concern One of the issues that concern me the most is the unexpected 52%-48% referendum vote of British in June favoring her exit in the European Union (Tisdall, 2016). Though the vote margin was small, not many people expected that a majority of Britons were against joining the EU. The reasons behind their decisions on voting the way they did are still not clear. Several drew parallel with the United States, claiming similar separ...
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