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Importance of Understanding Global Geography (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


Question: Why is basic understanding of global geography important? How well would you do on a global map quiz?
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Importance of Understanding Global Geography
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Importance of Understanding Global Geography
Understanding global geography has considerable importance. Firstly, understanding global geography enables a person or the learner to be a global citizen. This promotes the international community. Being a global citizen begins with understanding global geography. A global citizen understands others, is open-minded about the world around them, and work toward transforming the world into a better place to live. Learning and understanding global geography helps better comprehend the news, learn international history, know various cultures, contribute to the war against climate change and be part of the international community. This enables the learner to participate in the global community. Secondly, understanding global geography is essential because it makes understanding globalization possible. Globalization refers to the process by which cultures travel globally. Understanding global geography is critical to knowing where the cultures might steer (Fargher 2019). Further, companies that operate internationally promote globalization. Cross-border traveling increases globalization.
Thirdly, apprehension of global geography is significant because it makes people understand global interdependence. Ideally, all regions and areas across the globe are independent. Independence is majorly for resources and peace. Countries, parts, and continents rely upon each other to obtain resources and to fuel peace. Comprehension of global geography helps the learner identify and appreciate the interrelationship between the countries, regions, and continents. The learner is also able to locate the form of interdependence and connection. Understanding global geography increases a person’s possibility of understanding the interdependences between countries and regions worldwide. Finally, under

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