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Muscles of Respiration and Their Roles in Breathing (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


Respond to one of your peers' posts regarding the topic Muscles of Respiration and Their Roles in Breathingon on one page and ensure to use at least two sources. Make sure to check the rubric. (THE RUBRIC WA S SCREENSHOT PICTURE). Make sure to include the research section and the critical thinking section.


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Muscles of Respiration and Their Roles in Breathing
You have done great work on mentioning and discussing respiration muscles and their role in breathing. I would also like to add that the lungs lack skeletal muscles and, thus, primarily breathing if often carried out by the diaphragm, among other muscles not mentioned, such as the neck and abdominal muscles. The abdominal muscles are often vital during vigorous exercise in exhalation (Saladin 2020, p837). Therefore, during exhalation, the abdominal muscles will contract to raise the abdominal pressure and pushing the relaxed diaphragm against the lungs. 

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