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Report On M&s Risk Management Business & Marketing (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


1,Identification of FIVE key areas related to credit risk, and, in doing so, discuss the impact such risks may have on investors’ willingness to invest in yourfinancial instruments.

2,As part of your report, you are required to evaluate the current business continuity strategy implemented by Marks & Spencer, and, in doing so, recommend any further improvements to such a strategy as part of the Group’s overall Business Continuity Management (BCM).
3, c) Addressing the shareholders, the board of directors for the Group provide the following statement of compliance:
“The Board considers that the company has complied in full with the provisions of the UK Corporate Governance Code (the ‘Governance Code’).”
As part of your report, you are required to:
4,Highlight and discuss areas where the company clearly demonstrates strong governance in terms of leadership, effectiveness and remuneration in line with the UK Corporate Governance Code.
ii. Provide suggestions where improvements could be made in the areas discussed in requirement (i) above.


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Report on M&S Risk Management Report
The main reason behind business failure is the lack of effective risk management, that aids in threats identification, assessments, and control of the increasing firm’ earning and capital. Notable, business threats may emanate from; natural disasters, strategic management mistakes, legal liabilities, and financial uncertainty. Marks and Spencer have invested heavily in the international markets, and British consumers have been the greatest target; however, the overseas consumers have contributed to only 11% of the company revenue. In response to the economic risk Marks, &Spencer Company has formulated a 5year plan called ‘Plan A’ attended to serve as a risk management strategy (Al Habibi, 2019). Understanding the effectiveness of risk management requires business owners and investors to be aware of; risk identification, impacts of risks on investors’ willingness to invest, BCM analysis, strong board leadership, effectiveness and remunerations as well as areas of concern and remedies.

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