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Replies to Discussion about Death (Reaction Paper Sample)


Replies and Discussion


Replies to Discussion
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Replies to Discussion
Post #1
I am impressed by the arguments presented in the discussion. There are detailed insights related to the subject throughout the discussion. Death is a bad experience that requires individuals to develop coping measures. The suggestion to pray for the loss is an effective approach that can promote levels of spirituality. With an established routine, many benefits can be attained. Moreover, I like how you give an example from the South Korean culture. Paying for 49 days after someone dies can assist the deceased to promote their level of spirituality. Also, having yearly remembrance about the death is vital to assist in developing spirituality and coping with the challenges of death.
Post #2
In this era of coronavirus, support groups are essential for offering support and establishing coping measures to individuals. I agree with you that COVID-19 has created unimaginable loss across the world. I am impressed that you chose Healing Center in Seattle and that it supports people of all ages. Since most of the support is conducted virtually, many people can access grief support services. While your post is brief and straightforward, it would have been better if you had offered comprehensive details a

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