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Crystallization of Lysozyme through Vapor Diffusion Biomedical Paper (Research Paper Sample)


my task was to observe a n experiment and write the method, results and the discussion of the result


Crystallization of Lysozyme by vapor diffusion.
The aim of writing this paper is to establish how crystallization of the protein lysozyme molecule which occurs through the vapor diffusion which is commonly used method in protein crystallization. In the procedure, a mixt solid is dissolved in a little amount of a solvent in which it is highly solvable that is the good solvent. This mixture is then put in a test tube that is tilted at 450angle and then it is layered where the insoluble substance is on the top of the test tube.
This procedure is famously used to study how crystals in protein behave when subjected to different conditions. The crystals that form are then used to find the 3D structure of proteins. X-rays crystallography gives direct evidence on how the three-dimensional structures are responding to the molecules and therefore it is used to explicate mechanical subtleties of both chemical and biological antiphons. (Ki, Oang, Kim & Ihee 2017). In order to determine the structure, we shall first grow an appropriate crystal of refined protein, then the resulting crystal shall be exposed to an x-ray shaft of light to detect the configuration or pattern then the diffraction data shall be converted to give the prototype or the prototype of the protein. In this experiment, the amount and the mass of the proteins crystals formed were determined by various portions of salt and triggering agents. In our experiment, NaCl acted as the salt and PEG was use in use as the precipitating agent, and as variables, different amounts were used. By using the vapor diffusion method of crystallography, 12 droplets were grown for investigation. The Izit dye was used ascertain how a few of the settings were fruitful in the making of lysozyme crystals. It was established that increasing the salt level will result to creation of more protein crystals and vice vasa.

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