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How Contents of Social Media Affect Business (Research Paper Sample)


the task was to prepare a research paper on How Contents of Social Media Affect Business.
The sample attached is a research paper on the above subject


How Contents of Social Media Affect Business
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How Contents of Social Media Affect Business
Social media is important for marketing because it has many potential consumers, and it is less costly than mainstream media. However, a digital marketer needs to be concerned about the possible effects of misinformation and inappropriate content posted on social media. Some posts might be made without accurate information; the researcher needs to be wary about the social media platform's contents. This study uses descriptive research to assess the effects of the quality of the contents of consumer perception. The survey data reveals that many social media users follow corporate brands for different reasons. Some follow brands for entertainment, while others rely on brands for information provision. Therefore, the marketer needs to understand the reasons why the posts are not creating many followers. The study also revealed that the advertisement on social media has a higher possibility of influencing purchasing decisions.
Table of Contents TOC \o "1-3" \h \z \u Introduction PAGEREF _Toc57446856 \h 2Literature Review PAGEREF _Toc57446857 \h 3Methodology PAGEREF _Toc57446858 \h 5Results PAGEREF _Toc57446859 \h 7Discussion PAGEREF _Toc57446860 \h 7Recommendations PAGEREF _Toc57446861 \h 8Conclusion PAGEREF _Toc57446862 \h 8References PAGEREF _Toc57446863 \h 9
The advancement in communication and introducing new means of communication provide both benefits and challenges to businesses. Advertising, public relations, and sales are essential communication methods that businesses use in engaging stakeholders. All three methods highlighted above are the business's intentions to persuade consumers and ensure that they consume the products and services from the organization. The ultimate results are the increase in returning consumers and the provision of positive feedback. Today, all three business operations can be undertaken through social media such as Twitter, WhatsApp, or Facebook. Consumers can also provide feedback through immediate response. Social media have become very critical for business operations. First, such media ensure that the consumers are engaged through constant interaction; consequently, customers feel like they are part of the organization. Customers have a podium for expressing their concerns and demanding better services.
This research focuses on how social content affects consumers' perception and why business organizations are more concerned about what they post on social media. OVVO restaurant noticed a difference in customer engagement when they changed the content of the images they post on social media. Therefore, this study aims at determining the reasons why consumers access the company’s websites.
Literature Review





The impact of social media on business growth and performance in India

Singh Tina and Ratna Sinha

Social media

The study intends to determine how the popularity of social media in India has affected businesses.

Businesses rely on social media as an essential marketing tool because social media is cheap and most of the target consumers use social media.

The impact of social media on learning behavior for sustainable education: Evidence of students from selected universities in Pakistan

Abbas Jaffar, Jaffar Aman, Mohammad Nurunnabi, and Shaher Bano

Investments in the educational sector

The research focused on identifying how social media affects the behavior of students. Investors in the education sector are targeted with the research results.

The findings indicated that social media provide a platform for creativity that students can use in addressing social problems, and investors can rely on in findings challenges of learners.

The effect of social media on firm performance

Tajvidi Rana, and Azhdar Karami

SMEs in the UK hotel industry

The study focuses on determining how small-scale hotels in the United Kingdom use social media for their benefits.

The results indicated that companies are using social media for branding and innovation. The creativity of young employees in such companies was improved through social media.

Impact of Social Media Usage on Organizational Performance in the Jordanian Dead Sea Cosmetic Sector

Dodokh Ardam, and Mohammad Atwah Al-Maaitah

The cosmetic industry in Jordan

The study aimed at determining the effect that the cosmetic industry experienced after adopting the use of social media

The results indicated that the company experienced strong positive impacts, such as improved organizational performance and cost reduction in marketing budgets.

Social media its impact with positive and negative aspects

Siddiqui Shabnoor, and Tajinder Singh

Social media communication and involvement of stakeholders

The research aimed at determining how social media affects corporate organizations and businesses, both positively and negatively

Social media has positive effects such as improved communication between stakeholders, increased brand awareness, and improved its image. Conversely, negative effects include hacking, distractions, and lack of privacy.

The Impact of Social Media Marketing Trends on Digital Marketing

Bowden Jason

Media industry

The research focused on social media marketing by undertaking a comparative study of marketing before and after social media.

Marketing before social media was very expensive because it had to use expensive mainstream media for a company to reach many consumers.

The Use of social media and its impacts on consumer behavior: the context of holiday travel

Fotis John

Consumer behavior

The research aimed at determining the effects of social media on how consumers behave and the perception of company commodities

The results showed that consumers' behavior because there is a change in demand and the influence of celebrities also affect the taste of consumers.

The seven selected articles' results are essential for understanding the relationship between consumers' behaviors and content posted on social media. The articles are more focused on how various organizations and business enterprises have used social media for implementing several objectives. Since the study will be a descriptive one, the analysis collected from the literature reviewed will be used to address the study results. More so, the studies that focus on consumer behaviors will be essential in relating the study variables. The results of the review have shown that social media has become an essential tool for corporate business advancements. Since the articles are detailed and recently published, they will inform the research analysis and findings.
The research focuses on determining the impact of social media content on the behaviors of the consumers. Therefore, descriptive research was selected for this study. The research aimed at determining the relationship between the variables, which are the quality of contents and customers’ behaviors. The online survey method will be used in collecting data. The survey was selected because of varied reasons: being fast, cheap, and easy to use; they are also honest and flexible. The survey had about eleven questions that participants were required to fill. The questions were multiple, closed-ended with yes or no responses, and scale questions. The scale questions allowed the participant to give a varied response in cases with many related responses. The survey targeted 19 participants who participated in the survey process. The demographic factors such as gender and age were considered during the selection of the participants. Further still, research ethics was considered because the participants were required to fill the consent form. The participants did not receive any incentive to participate in the study; the participants were willing, and they were informed that their involvement was for academic purposes but not for business.
The Questionnaire

Question Type

Q.1 Gender

Multiple choice

Q.2 Age

Multiple choice

Q.3 What social media platform do you usually use?

Multiple questions

Q.4 Do you follow brands/products on social media?

Yes/No question

Q.5 Where do you follow the brand/products?

Multiple questions

Q.6 How often do you interact with brands/products on their social media accounts ("interact" here refers to "like," comment, and repost)?

scale question

Q.7 Why do you follow brands/product accounts?

Multiple questi...

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