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Negative effects of social media on real communication. (Research Paper Sample)


Negative effects of social media on real life communication


Negative effects of social media on real communication
Developments in technology have given rise to the social media, which is a digital means of communicating information or ideas through online channels. The users have to be connected to an internet network and users engage in social media by using computers, phones or tablets that use web design software. In this research paper, the negative impacts of social media on our interpersonal conversations are analyzed. Social media has greatly improved on how we communicate, however, it has altered and challenged our capacity to make relevant conversations, and studies show that digital means of communication are efficient but have led to a decline in interpersonal connections.
Social media has had a great impact on our communication protocols, whilst being efficient the outcome of using modern means of communication has being devastating. The sender does not consider the other user and barriers due to age, and language may exist which may lead to misunderstanding and misinterpretation of the message by the recipient (Beebe et al 2005). Twitter messages are limited to short sentences which makes them to be brief and precise, this may make a user omit the main message thus distorting the quality of the message; grammatical errors and abbreviations are a common occurrence in short message texting (SMS).

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