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Collaborative Classroom Experiences. Education Research Paper (Research Paper Sample)


Give the Historical perspective of the term collaborative classroom experiences: give a section on brick and mortar versus online schools/classes; group work zeitgeist to the 21st -century online collaboration paradigms. Use more primary sources. master's level.


Historical perspective of the term collaborative classroom experiences (with emphasis on mathematics): separate section on brick and mortar versus online schools/classes; group work zeitgeist to the 21st -century online collaboration paradigms.


Collaborative Classroom Experiences
Collaboration spanned broad aspects of life. Collaborative learning theories and contexts in the past focused more on how individuals perform in a group given the facilitation of effective communication strategies (Jeong, Jeong, Lee, & Kim, 2018). Past research established that it was through examining various perspectives and dialogue that group members became more engaged, self-determined, strategic, empathetic, and even more knowledgeable regarding the goals of their endeavor (Pürcher, Höfler, Pirker, Tomes, Ischebeck, & Gütl, 2016). Due to its evident broad coverage, collaboration was referred to as aggregation in different contexts. Collaboration could be generally regarded in terms of being group work, project, cooperative learning (Rappaport, Grossman, Garcia, Zhu, Avila, Granito, & Quinn, 2017)), problem-based learning, and among other concepts that referred to networked information economy that enhanced the practical capability of an individual along three dimensions of improving the capacities of the individuals to do more by and for themselves; enhancing the individuals’ capacity to do more in a loosened commonality with others (Retnowati, Ayres, & Sweller, 2017), without being constrained by relationship organization that emphasized hierarchical social and economic models; and improved the individuals’ capacity to do more in formal organizations through enhanced autonomy and cooperation that expanded practical freedom of democracy and community (Jeong et al., 2018; Pürcher et al., 2016). Moreover, evidence showed that it was through collaborative discourse and engagement that the learning experience came to life and learning was effectively delivered to the learners, thus developing cognitively and behaviorally (Scager, Boonstra, Peeters, Vulperhorst, & Wiegant, 2016; Tran, 2019). This paper will elaborate on the background and meaning of collaboration with an aim to encourage its continuation into developing the classroom experiences of students. 

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