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History 1302 Education Research Paper Essay Coursework (Research Paper Sample)


describing the writers process by use of ted talks


History 1302
Analysis of the New Deal
The 32nd President of the US; Franklin Delano Roosevelt, was enacted into office in 1933. He faced a lot of challenges in restoring the economy of US which had been destroyed by the Great Revolution. The New Deal consisted of many healthy plans to help in combating unemployment at that time. The program was all about relief, reform and recovery of America
After nomination, Roosevelt said, “I pledge you, I pledge myself, to a new deal for the American people.” It gave birth to the New Deal which he proposed after being elected. The New Deal constituted of federal action. Expansion of federal government was the first thing which happened under the New Deal. The national government focused mostly on people's well-being. The government was paying relief, serving school lunches and running pension programmers. Instead of the local and state legislatures, the central government became the protector of people's rights.

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