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Curriculum Theories Literature & Language Research Paper (Research Paper Sample)


Research five curriculum theories and the history of their development. Complete the “Curriculum Theories Chart.” Support your findings throughout the “Curriculum Theories Chart” with five scholarly sources. The completed chart should be 500-750 words.
In addition, write a 250-500 word reflection on the theory you identify with the most and why. Include examples of how you can apply the curriculum theory to curriculum development.
Submit the “Curriculum Theories Chart” and reflection as one deliverable.


Curriculum Theories
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Curriculum Theories Chart


The rationale for Using or Not Using in Interdisciplinary Instruction

Social Academic Ideology

According to this theory, the purpose of the formal education system is to introduce learners to knowledge. The teachers merely pass on accumulated knowledge that has been discovered by others previously.
The teachers are also scholars in their chosen field.

This ideology is relevant in interdisciplinary instruction since it is the primary means through which information and knowledge have been collated and compiled throughout the centuries.
However, in interdisciplinary instruction, this theory may not be constructive because it takes learners to be passive participants in their learning process.

Social Efficiency Ideology

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