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Seminar Paper Literature & Language Research Paper (Research Paper Sample)


Make sure all the articles are empirical studies
Minimum 30 pages
make sure the article talks about teacher/and or student perceptions of using arabic in an efl class in a tertiary level.
please take your time doing this. do not rush because this determines my passing for graduate school.
i will send u the articles and the guidelines as well as the rubric for the paper.


Use of L1 in English as a Foreign Language (EFL)
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Contents TOC \o "1-3" \h \z \u CHPATER ONE: INTRODUCTION PAGEREF _Toc52524531 \h 3Using L1 in EFL Classroom PAGEREF _Toc52524532 \h 4Reasons for the use of L1 in EFL Classes PAGEREF _Toc52524533 \h 5Significances of Using the L1 in Saudi EFL Classes PAGEREF _Toc52524534 \h 7Problem Statement PAGEREF _Toc52524535 \h 7Significance of the Study PAGEREF _Toc52524536 \h 8Research Questions PAGEREF _Toc52524537 \h 9CHAPTER TWO: LITERATURE REVIEW PAGEREF _Toc52524538 \h 10L1 in Improving Collaboration and Learning between Teachers and Students PAGEREF _Toc52524539 \h 10When to use the L1 in EFL PAGEREF _Toc52524540 \h 12Different Methods of Teaching EFL Classes PAGEREF _Toc52524541 \h 14Use of L1 Languages in EFL among University Students PAGEREF _Toc52524542 \h 15Using F1 for Cognitive Reasons PAGEREF _Toc52524543 \h 16Use of L1 for Pedagogical Purposes PAGEREF _Toc52524544 \h 17Using L1 for Affective Purposes PAGEREF _Toc52524545 \h 17Teachers' Attitudes towards Using L1 in EFL Classroom PAGEREF _Toc52524546 \h 18Students' Attitude PAGEREF _Toc52524547 \h 21Criticism of Using L1 in EFL Classes PAGEREF _Toc52524548 \h 21Strategies of Using L2 in Different Levels PAGEREF _Toc52524549 \h 25CHPATER THREE: METHODOLOGY PAGEREF _Toc52524550 \h 27Research Design PAGEREF _Toc52524551 \h 27Contexts and Participants PAGEREF _Toc52524552 \h 27Interviews PAGEREF _Toc52524553 \h 28RESULTS PAGEREF _Toc52524554 \h 28Interview Questions and Responses PAGEREF _Toc52524555 \h 28Questionnaire Results From Students Participants PAGEREF _Toc52524556 \h 31CHAPTER FOUR: DISCUSSION PAGEREF _Toc52524557 \h 34CHAPTER FIVE: CONCLUSION PAGEREF _Toc52524558 \h 36RECOMMENDATION PAGEREF _Toc52524559 \h 36Limitations and Further Studies PAGEREF _Toc52524560 \h 37References PAGEREF _Toc52524561 \h 38
Background of the Study
Different research works conducted on the second language acquisition indicate that the native dialect at all levels, such as beginner and tertiary, plays a critical role in learning the second language (L2). Furthermore, through various research work focusing on the inter-languages and transfer of languages, scholars have shown substantial impacts of the (L1) in learning L2 based on different explanations (Khresheh, 2012). Notably, in the cases of EFL, the students utilize the native linguistics knowledge to familiarize, learn, and use the second language. Therefore, such positive outcomes offer crucial reasons and theoretical support for using the L1 in EFL classes to teach students the second language. On the same note, students use the L1 knowledge in building the interim rules while learning L2. As a result, the students conduct thinking in the native language and translate them to the L2.
Moreover, the scholars and various stakeholders in the education systems that argue against use of L1 in the in teaching L2 in EFL classes explains multiple points. The critiques of using native language in teaching the target dialect in the EFL focus on monolingual strategies creating a classroom environment for utilizing the L2 to interact and collaborate between teachers and learners. Khresheh (2012) asserts that bilingual weaknesses originate from overuse, leading to a reduction in exposure of the student to a second language such as English in Saudi Arabia. Equally, the patterns transferred during translation from L1 to L2 result in various errors while learning the students' second language.
Using L1 in EFL Classroom 
The use of L1 in the EFL classes in Saudi Arabia and other countries get avoided due to various reasons. The monolingual approach that emerged in the 18th century to teach the second language has multiple strategies to ensure that teachers and students use the required means of communication (Sibahi, 2016). For example, the techniques aim to maximize the use of the target languages in the classrooms set up, ban on L1 in class, and minimize native language use among learners and instructors (Sibahi, 2016). Theoretically, the L1 and L2 should get separate when individuals concentrated on learning the second language more so in the EFL structure since L1 and L2 forms distinct systems and organization. According to (Khresheh (2012), teachers in the EFL class never utilized the native language to assess and evaluate the learners, offer instructions and feedback, and correct the errors arising from speaking and writing. Moreover, some teachers utilize Arabic to explain vocabulary but involve various actions such as developing rapport, elaborating the meaning, and creating an excellent learning atmosphere in the class sessions (Alshehri, 2017).

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