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Educational Law and Governance Literature & Language Research Paper (Research Paper Sample)


conduct a study on bullying in school based on the perceptions of two secondary school students at the same school.


Educational Law and Governance
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Contents TOC \o "1-3" \h \z \u Educational Law and Governance PAGEREF _Toc56714480 \h 3Background Information on the Students PAGEREF _Toc56714481 \h 3Literature Review PAGEREF _Toc56714482 \h 6Findings of the Study Based on the Perceptions of the Two Students PAGEREF _Toc56714483 \h 13Implications of the Findings of the Study PAGEREF _Toc56714484 \h 18Conclusion PAGEREF _Toc56714485 \h 20References PAGEREF _Toc56714486 \h 21
Educational Law and Governance
Bullying can be defined as a situation where a student is subjected to psychological torture by another student or a group of students through hurtful and mean words, making fun, name-calling, and purposefully alienating them from their social network, kicking, hitting, shoving, pushing, or intentionally locking them inside a room, maliciously ruining their reputation by spreading falsehoods and rumors or sending them mean and hurtful messages, causing other students to hate or dislike them for no apparent reason, and any other behavior which can be considered inappropriate and malicious (Olweus, 1996). A physical fight or argument between two students of equal power and strength is not considered bullying (Olweus, 1996). Bullying is said to occur when a student is repeatedly subjected to the previously mentioned painful circumstances, where the student has no power or strength to defend him/herself from the other students (Olweus, 1996; Tokarick, 2015; Vreeman & Carroll, 2007). Bullying also occurs when a student is often teased in a malicious manner that compromises their self-esteem. However, friendly banters are not termed as bullying (Olweus, 1996). According to Zequinão et al. (2016), “bullying always aims to injure and hurt the victim, occurring mainly in three ways: direct physical aggression; direct verbal aggression; and indirect aggression” (p. 183). The purpose of this paper is to conduct a study on bullying in school based on the perceptions of two secondary school students at the same school. The discussion will be based on an in-depth analysis of the students’ background, the findings based on the perceptions of the two students, and the implication of the findings of the study.

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