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HR Strategy Practices at SAS Analytics Solution (Research Paper Sample)


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Company SAS Analytics Solutions
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Contents TOC \o "1-3" \h \z \u Introduction PAGEREF _Toc90070487 \h 3Strategic Human Resource Practices at SAS Analytic Solution PAGEREF _Toc90070488 \h 4Human Resource and Training of employees at SAS PAGEREF _Toc90070489 \h 5SAS HRM and Employee relation PAGEREF _Toc90070490 \h 7The significance of HRM in the competitiveness of SAS PAGEREF _Toc90070491 \h 8Future and way forward of SAS HRM PAGEREF _Toc90070492 \h 10Conclusion PAGEREF _Toc90070493 \h 10
Company SAS Analytics Solutions
The SAS Corporation is a renowned software firm based in North Carolina, with offices across the world. Companies across a variety of sectors, including the automobile industry, banking, and the financial services industry; military and government organizations; and many more utilize the company's information and intelligent management system ("About SAS," 2016). It also provides enterprise solutions that are utilized across a wide range of sectors. The firm was founded in 1966 as a project on the North American continent. Anthony James Barr is a professor at Carolina State University. The very first piece of software developed by the firm. The results of this study were utilized to determine the impact of seed types, weather, and soil on crop yields. It has been a while since then. After starting with 100 clients, the firm has expanded to become a market leader in software and services. A large-scale corporate solution Currently, the corporation employs around 13,700 people with annual revenue of $1 billion. In 2005, the company earned $3.16 billion in sales ("About SAS," 2016). The firm has been known for a long time. It is a great place to work because it established an onsite childcare facility for its headquarters. In 1980, the company established its headquarters. An examination of the current human resource practices and policies which need to be modified.  SAS has always maintained employee-friendly policies and procedures since the company thinks that employees are the most important asset.  SAS Inc. (2016) explains that contented workers convert towards satisfied consumers. The human resources department of the firm. Practices and policies are centered on two aspects of workplace culture, which are the benefits and the environment. Work-life balance is important. According to the company, the enormous staff awards and bonuses are the result of. According to SAS Inc. (2016), long-term benefits are valued more highly than retention costs. These rules and procedures. When workers' opinion is taken into consideration, business procedures are more likely to result in improved financial success is made more efficient. Based on the financial performance and development trend of the firm, it seems to be a good investment. Therefore, this discussion addresses the aspect of HRM in the company SAS Analytics Solution.
HR strategy Practices at SAS Analytics Solution.
During the last several decades, the amount of literature on human resource management has increased tremendously. “Human resource management refers to the policies, methods, and systems that impact workers' behavior, attitudes, and performance in the direction of ethical and sustainable practices that provide a long-term competitive edge in the industry and economy” (Delapenha et al., 2020). There is a pervasive sense of excitement regarding (HR) practices in a proactive and strategic manner; this is particularly true in bigger industrial and service firms. At the same time, strategic management has emerged as a critical discipline for businesses and academics alike; despite the fact that its connotation in an unpredictable corporate climate, the focus has switched from long-term planning to taking incremental actions in a strategic direction., according to some scholars.
Organizations must adopt a comprehensive strategy to change the culture in the workplace. According to Lewis et al. (2007), globalization has resulted in firms increasing the intensity with which they approach diversity management. As Lewis et al. pointed out, historically, diversity and inclusion have been seen as a reactionary response to legislation requiring businesses to employ members of minority communities. Firms, on the other hand, are starting to consider diversity benefits as a component of their overall strategy for achieving a competitive edge.
SAS is one company that is a firm believer in diversity. It is one of the HRM strategies the company applies. Improved customer service skills and abilities. Indeed, a diverse workforce frequently includes various skills, talent, experience, and capabilities. If a manager knows how to manage diversity effectively, he may place the appropriate person in the correct spot, reducing his shortcomings while maximizing the employee's strengths (Inegbedion et al., 2020). Having a varied workforce allows management to pick the best applicant for a job. In order to recruit and retain top talent, SAS believes in a workforce that is diverse, which is a critical element for the company's success (SAS, 2020). Employee interactions, recruitment, training, and other sectors are all affected by diversity and inclusion.
Human Resource and Training of employees at SAS
Employee training and development occurs at many levels within the company and helps workers achieve various goals. It has been reported that Individuals may benefit from this endeavor by lowering their levels of worry or irritation while at work. According to Boon et al. (2019), it is possible that an individual may lose reason to continue completing the task in issue whenever a job is not adequately performed, and the final outcomes are not seen as anticipated. (Boon et al., 2019). People who don't perform well may decide to leave a company because they feel their contributions are inconsequential and their employment is unsatisfactory (Cooke et al., 2020). Thus, staff training not only enhances job performance but also helps workers feel more satisfied with the results of their efforts. Improved competencies translate into improved loyalty and productivity.
SAS has numerous training programs that the Huma Resource Incorporates into its staff. "Veteran Employment, Training and Assistance" (VETS) is one of the numerous inclusion programs offered by SAS that give training and support to employees with disabilities. Through internships, community outreach, and career mentoring days, this program gives military members, veterans, and families the chance to get valuable, relevant work experience in a civilian business setting. Furthermore, the corporation is cognizant of the fact that there are generational disparities that might have an impact on the organization's overall aims. To effectively manage each group, managers must be aware of the changes in work values, motivators, and preferred leadership styles; also necessary is the ability to put in place fair procedures to avoid conflict between different generations who are working together. As part of its multigenerational training program, SAS provides participants with a greater understanding of the complexities at play in the modern workplace of an organization. The firm thinks that if every staff contributes, acknowledges, and appreciates the knowledge, talents, and knowledge of different individuals of different ages, the organization will grow according to the industry's beliefs.
Utilizing the distinct capabilities of each generation and providing them with the opportunity to learn from one another results in a more collaborative and engaging atmosphere. It has been shown that providing more learning chances at work boosts employee satisfaction, productivity, and overall satisfaction (Gay, 2019). Millennials, in particular, benefit from more learning possibilities in their jobs. New generations will be credited with introducing new ideas and vigor to a group, while elder generations will be credited with wisdom and insight gained from a range of memories and perspectives (Farndale et al., 2019).
SAS HRM and Employee relation
A healthy employee relations environment fosters a social environment that supports high levels of employee participation and a culture that is oriented toward the needs of the employees. Employees respond by feeling comfortable and contributing favorably to the overall functioning of the business (Ali et al., 2018). Given the intense competition in the technology business, SAS understands how the organization's employee relations atmosphere and human resource management methods affect its success. According to a study, “disengaged workers cost US businesses an estimated $350 billion every year, according to a recent study” (Maheshwari et al., 2020).
Employee engagement is important to the success of any company. The distinction between motivational factors was built upon in earlier studies. Competence, autonomy, and psychological connectedness, all of which are psychological wants, encourage a person to undertake activity that is needed for psychological well-being and well-being. If met, it may result in optimum function and progress (Farndale et al., 2019). It has been shown that the fundamental demands of satisfaction are closely related to the devotion of workers.
Employees become more engaged when they are given a dedicated and important job to do. This helps them recognize how vital they are to the firm. When SDT is used, according to various writers, there is a chance for workers to exercise their autonomy, and in addition, employees may have an impact on individuals in their immediate vicinity. This effect extends beyond the advantages of intrinsic incentives t...

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