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Advantages And Disadvatgaes Of Recently Implemented Cerner System (Research Paper Sample)


please send a detailed outline of what sections you will be working on for this before you start the paper. attached is what needs to be included


* Abstract
The drive of this particular study was to assess nurse's views on the use of a recently implemented Cerner system February 1st at the Salt Lake regional hospital. With countrywide ongoing reports of a high prevalence in the care faults and healthcare-related infections, there was a serious prerequisite to look for outcomes related with employing Cerner Electronic Health Record (EHR) system as well as nurse's views on Cerner technology implementation. All these discoveries are vital urgencies for those who make policies at the hospital, clinical administrators, and any other health correlated organizations. If all healthcare facilities are to attain the patient wants, by providing cost-effective care that is patient-centered, produce results that are of quality, and hold skilled nursing staff with effective communication and have a common clinical patient information are paramount.
For this study, a cross-sectional perspective plan was used. The Information was collected for a period of 3 to 4 months after the original plan of Cerner system was implemented. Every nurse on each unit at the Salt Lake regional hospital was engaged to complete a two and half page survey on the entire shifts. Candy, pens and other survey materials were availed to the nurses to help increase the number of participants. The survey had 20 tasks and used a simple type of scale questions for the interview. 18 nurses completed the survey, recording a response rate of around 72%.
Out of the 18 respondents, averagely, the worked time per week was found to be 18.8 (SD 7.98) hours. With most nurses who were participating and working full time being found to be (84.2%) and fifty-eight percent (58%) worked during day shift. In respect to computer literate nurses or those who had computer knowledge, they recorded an average score of 6.58 (SD .82) using a scale of 1 to 10, from 1 for those who never used it to 6 in preference to the expert users. Majority of the feedback was in the middle point on the simple scale with the cut of 10. An average score of 4.57 (SD 2.07) for the nurses on whether Cerner improves production on a scale of 2 to 6. Cerner reduced patient care mistakes by an average score of 6.65 (SD 2.63). In total, the average score that satisfied the Cerner system was 4.01 (SD 1.63).

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