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Benefits of Regular Exercise (Research Paper Sample)


write a research paper on exercise, what it is and the benefits of having regular exercise.The paper ws required to be 6 pages minimum, double-spaced and times new roman font 12.The format of the Paper was apa with 5 scholarly sources attached to the research paper.The paper also required the use of sources not more than 15 years ago


Benefits of regular exercise
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Regular physical activity and exercise enable one to maintain body health, energy, and independence as one grows older. Exercise plays a critical function in the prevention of deadly diseases and stroke. Besides, physical exercise and activity can help lower stress and anxiety, boost happy chemicals, improve one’s self-confidence, improve the brain's power, sharpen memory, and increase the strength of our muscles and bones. On the same note, regular exercise helps reduce heart disease, obesity, fluctuations in body sugars and cancer. The main focus of this paper is how regular exercise offers benefits to individuals.
Physical activity is defined as the movement of the body initiated by skeletal muscles that need energy. Exercise is considered a subcategory of physical activity that requires a structured, repetitive and purposeful form (Ruby et al., 2011). A situation whereby the body has a sound mind implies that one is okay. This is to say that if a person is either weak, dull or sick, they are not able to carry out their work effectively and efficiently. A fresh mind is an essential requirement before executing any work. Individuals who make it a habit to incorporate regular exercise as part of their routine have been established to be more efficient and effective than those who don't. Practice does not necessarily imply going to the gym or doing some physical activity at some club. Instead, it means carrying out some physical activity without considering how it is done or where. Research has established that exercise is crucial in preventing coronary heart disease, osteoporosis, weakness, diabetes, obesity, and depression (Vina et al., 2011). Exercises with a strengthening capacity help give the correct resistance to the muscles to increase endurance and strength. Similarly, cardiac rehabilitation exercises are crucial in improving the cardiovascular system to prevent and rehabilitate cardiac disorders and diseases.
Ensuring that the body is subjected to well-balanced regular exercise has a significant impact on improving general health, building endurance, and slowing many of the effects of ageing. The benefits of regular exercise can be limited to the improvement of physical fitness and the enhancement of emotional well-being. Various pieces of research have endorsed physical activity to be the only option for supporting health, postponing or preventing predominant musculoskeletal disorders such as mechanical low back pain, neck and shoulder pain, as well as lowering the risk of catching hypertension, diabetes, obesity, colon cancer and other nutritional-related diseases. The age at which individuals are engaged in regular exercises varies, with research indicating a rapid decline in regular exercise at adolescence. There are a variety of benefits associated with regular exercise, as discussed below.
This type of physical activity is carried out in a planned, structured, and repetitive manner. Exercise is associated with improving body health, maintaining body fitness and physical rehabilitation.
Types of exercise
Exercise can be divided according to the intensity involved. First, light exercise involves that which does not result in sweating with no significant changes in breathing patterns recorded. Second, moderate exercise involves an increase in the heart rate, with breathing becoming more profound and more frequent at approximately 10 minutes after initiation of the exercise. Lastly, vigorous exercise results in one breathing hard at a time of 3-5 minutes after the initiation of the exercise.

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