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Choosing a nursing home (Research Paper Sample)

Choosing one of this nursing home in your area to your family member. Alliance HealthCare Center at Braintree, Massachusetts South Cove Manor at Quincy, Massachusetts Pope Nursing Home at Weymouth, Massachusetts Please review 2 articles with links below. You will be using recommendations, questions and checklists from these articles. You will then schedule visits the 3 nursing homes in your area stating that you are looking to find a home for your parent or grandparent. You would want to make sure to ask all the questions and get a tour of each facility. You will also visit each one of the 3 facilities during off shifts – weekend or evenings to view if residents are receiving safe care. In your 5-7 page paper in APA format you will compare three nursing homes stating the reasons as to why you would choose this particular nursing home for your family member. source..
Nursing Home Name Student’s Name Date Choosing a nursing home Alliance HealthCare Center at Braintree, Massachusetts is a licensed center with an occupation of 101 beds about 95 percent full, making it one of the most occupied healthcare centers in Massachusetts. The center also has skilled nursing facilities with certified nurses. South Cove Manor at Quincy, on the other hand, is a licensed center having 141 beds with its capacity being 97 percent full. The home also has skilled nurses who are certified. Pope Nursing Home at Weymouth, being one of the smallest licensed nursing centers in Massachusetts, has 49 beds which are 96 percent occupied and its nurses are skilled and certified (Capone, 2014). Through the analysis carried out in the HealthCare Centers above, there are qualified reasons to choose Alliance HealthCare Center as the best to care for your parent. Alliance health center has a total of 2.5 licensed staff hours per day for a resident a day as compared to Pope nursing home which has 1.63 licensed staff hours per resident. South Cove which is 1.27 licensed staff hours for each resident thus creating more resident caregiver time, therefore, more attention is given to the resident. Unlike South Cove Manor and Pope Nursing homes where recreational services are limited, Alliance Nursing home offers rooms for favorable recreation to its residents. Residents engage in body exercise with the use of gym equipment installed. This enables the residents to keep fit. Entertainment is also offered where television programs are displayed in the standard rooms, and this helps in relaxing. Due to a proper ratio between the resident and the caregivers in the center, residents in Alliance HealthCare are served by the same caregiver on a daily basis thus improving the resident’s wellbeing. In the other centers, South Cove and Pope, residents face a problem of having different caretakers since no enough caretakers are serving them. For instance, if a caregiver helps the same resident throughout he or she understands the resident more unlike serving a new resident now and then. Alliance Healthcare being centrally located, it is surrounded by houses of worship where its residents visit to exercise their freedom of religion. It’s a more significant advantage to the residents in this healthcare center since their religious needs are met. Other centers do not have spiritual centers near them thus deny the residents this right (Capone, 2014). It is also observed that in Alliance HealthCare center, residents are allowed to bring along with them some of their items such as pets, books, clothes or some furniture like chairs. Through this, the resident has a more advantage to his or her comfort in the center that the resident will be more used to this item other than being issued with new ones. Pope and South Cove, on the other hand, bans the possession of things not from the health center. It is important to note that from the records, Alliance Healthcare center has encountered no complaints and deficiencies. Efficient resident employee contact hours have enhanced this since the caretaker is in a position to note a problem facing the resident hence offering immediate help if need be. In the other health centers, there have been several cases such as breaking of backs and dislocations of feet mainly as a result of lack of enough monitoring of the resident by the caretaker. In case of emergencies, there are nurses and doctors in Alliance center, working in shifts of 8 hours each hence attend to the resident immediately. If the urgency needs further attention, this center makes arrangements with nearby hospitals, and there are ambulances in the middle which rush the residents to these hospitals, for example, Quincy Medical center, Massachusetts Respiratory hospital among others for treatment. Pope nursing home lucks ambulance services are hence making it quite difficult to attend to emergencies. To ensure adequate care is given to the residents, Alliance HealthCare center offers a 24 hour fully staffed service including the weekends. With this, the residents are assured of much attention from the caregivers. About this, this center ensures that the residents are closely monitored, cleanliness and grooming of residents are upheld. With the presence of staff in all hours, this center outshines the other nursing homes which for instance Pope Nursing home have fewer attendants in the weekend and South Cove Manor staff work for 18 hours a day. When compared to the other Nursing homes, Alliance HealthCare center have the right skilled nurses and therapists who help the residents in personalized therapy. The nurses ensure that they check whether the residents are recovering from the treatment and they help them to gain their independence after they recover. This is not done in the other nursing homes. Resident and family counseling is offered in Alliance HealthCare Center. This is done by skilled personnel who guide the residents on proper measures to take in their living and inform the family members on actions to take for example to those who require acute attention such as drug administration. Thus, Alliance center is in a better place compared to the other center which does not offer these guidance and counseling services. In comparison to the other centers, Alliance HealthCare Center has open-air parks. These are the areas where the residents with the interest of spending their time outside sit and relax. It is here where residents interact and share their past events and pass the time. Other centers lack these outdoor areas which give them a lower advantage in handling clients. It is here that the planned meetings between the residents and family members meet and spend their time. For safety purposes, Alliance HealthCare center management ensures that all stairs and hallways have lights to ensure minimal cases of accidents. Handrails are also installed in all hallways and stairs. The stairs are well constructed in the right measurements to ensure there are no strains for the residents moving up the cases. Similarly, there are ramps for the residents using wheelchairs. Other centers luck ramps and their hallways are not well lit hence not providing the residents with the appropriate safety measures. Alliance HealthCare Center at Braintree, Massachusetts  Mon         Tue          Wed           Thu             Fri             Sat           Sun Morning. 0900hrs -1100hrs (All days including weekends) Afternoon. 1330hs – 1500hrs (All days including weekends) Evening. 1630hrs – 1800...
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