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Outline The Foundations Of Nursing Within The Aspects Of Nursing Education And Practice (Research Paper Sample)


outline the foundations of nursing within the aspects f nursing education and practice


Foundations of Nursing
The relevance and existence of associate degree programs in nursing education has attracted intensive debates in the nursing professional. The course was introduced over five decades ago due address the losses and issues associated with shortage of nurses around the globe. Shortage of nurses in the global healthcare systems was significantly influenced by government and population demand for nurses and medical services, as well as increase in global populations. Nurse educators and curriculum developers argue that initiating a bachelors of science in nursing would create sufficiency and efficiency in healthcare systems, as well as increase and engage professionalism in nursing practice (Keating, 2014). BSN program is associated with specialization, effectiveness and professionalism. However, associate nursing program are highly preferred in clinical practice since they are associated with immense practical and technical knowledge in clinical and ethical practice. In the American healthcare system, associate nurses continue to express and present contemporary efficacy and rich clinical practice heritage.
Despite the technical efficiency associated with the nursing program, the modern healthcare system requires that students should begin the nursing career from a BSN graduate program. This would provide technical and professional knowledge to students hence makes them more dynamic and adaptable to changes in nursing practice (Mashhad & BehNashr, 2011). They are adequately trained and prepared to face the modern clinical complications. The urgency and need for BSN nurses is associated with diverse internal and external factors. This study will focus on revealing the need for a BSN program in Hartford community college in relation to social and institutional institution factors.
Social factors
Social factors in healthcare describe the relationship and well as the association between a nursing education institution and the global society. The need for a BSN program is critically related to the global society’s need for quality healthcare. The modern social societies are facing complex health complications that require intensive, advanced, and informed decision making capabilities. Also, increase in global populations prompt the need for advanced nurses in clinical practice. Graduate BSNs are able to work independently as both nurses and physicians due to their immense knowledge in disease diagnosis, treatment, management and prevention. The Howard community college should adapt a BSN program; produce competent and skilled nurses who are well equipped and talented in patient care and disease management. Advancement in disease diagnosis, treatment, and management of disease condition calls for advancement in knowledge, skills and treatment approach (Keating, 2014).
Institutional factors
Institutions operated and managed by BSN nurses is associated with proficiency and efficacy in patient care. This is reflected in the low number of patient deaths in the institutions. Nurse education should be well equipped and facilitated to ensure that it offers quality education that meets the needs and requirements of the global nursing job market. The diversification and evolutional practices experienced in the nursing clinical setting should be addressed in nursing education institutions hence ensure production of prepared professional. For instance, Elements of Proliferation and advancement of technology in clinical and healthcare systems are being experience on a daily basis. Incorporation of technology in nursing practice and research has facilitated notable advancements, proficiency, efficiency, and effectiveness. These advancements and implementation of technology in nursing curriculum has prompted and necessitated diversity in nursing curriculum. This includes the need to incorporate nursing technology education in the nursing educat5ion curriculum hence ensure that students and novice staff joining the nursing profession are able and prepared to implement these technologies in daily practice routines.
Quality and safety decision making on regulations and accreditation
The element of substituting associate degree nursing programs with BSN programs has generated wide and heated debates. These debates are based on the comparison of competency outcomes between the two programs. However, Nursing education institutions and environments must address the aspect of concept understanding in both practical and theoretical concepts. Diverse institutions and organizational reports have proposed that all associate degree graduates enroll for further studies hence advance to BSN so as to remain valid and updated on clinical practices. The institute of medicine play critical role in designing and developing the BSN program curriculum. The institute has drafted vast reports on the effectiveness of BSN program in the corporate world in comparison to associate degree program.
The institute of medicine calls for diverse reforms in nursing education that facilitate interdisciplinary and inter-professional education and competency. In this regard, the IOM states that inter-professional education of nurses provides dynamic skills hence nurses can suit and work in diverse professional fields. BSN program provides all rounded skills and competencies hence graduates can work in diversified career platforms. BSN program provides a systemic arena where nurses can evaluate and improve their competencies over time (Mashhad & BehNashr, 2011). IOM plays a key role in influencing the development and delivery of BSN program at Hartford community college.
Quality and safety decision making on regulations and accreditation
American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN) has diverse policies governing safety operation of a given entity. This institution plays a vital role in the issuance and assurance of quality and safety healthcare protocols. Concepts of regulations are diverse and differ from aspects of accreditation. Regulation of healthcare facilities entails governing and monitoring healthcare facilities and ensuring that regional rules and policies on safety and quality services are followed and implemented. The practice of accreditation revolves around the issuance of certificates of compliance and acknowledgement that the facility meets the regulatory standards and requirements of healthcare practicing. Healthcare regulatory and accreditation ensures that healthcare facilities operate within their means as well as within regional healthcare laws and policies.
In this case, The Hartford Community College facility adequately met the required standards of mission, organization, administration, safety and quality. American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN) assessed and evaluated the operations and procedures at Hartford Community College and medical facility and issued a baccalaure...
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