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Healthcare Workforce Health, Medicine, Nursing Research Paper (Research Paper Sample)


this is a research paper on the healthcare workforce shortages and CHANGING roles. the paper describes why the challenge exist and possible impacts in the next decade.


Healthcare Workforce
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Healthcare Workforce Shortages and Changing Roles
There is a severe shortage of masters and doctoral prepared nursing to teach the estimated 1 million additional nurses in 2022. The current transformative changes in the healthcare target the nurses because of their education, roles and how they are positioned to lead. Nurses should understand the significant factors that contribute to healthcare changes and acquire relevant competencies such as skills, knowledge, and attitudes for personal and system-wide success (Maier & Aiken, 2016). The new health paradigm requires the nurses to be the leading partner and provide restless efforts to achieve double healthcare that include quality and satisfaction. However, the transformation in healthcare and the nursing roles will contribute to the nurse shortages soon. The World Health Organization projects that the world will be 12.9 million short of healthcare workers in 2035. The lack of healthcare workers today stand out at 7 million globally. The organization warns that the issue will cause severe health impacts if not adequately addressed.

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