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Curbing The Effects Of Working With Monitors Medicine Research Paper (Research Paper Sample)


Do research to identify the latest findings on the negative effects of sitting for
long hours working at a computer. Find recommendations on how to arrange
your desk and computer to avoid health problems. Prepare a brief presentation
that summaries your finding and identifies what can be done to offset these
negative effects.
Problem definition
Solution proposal
Solution implementation


Curbing the Effects of Working with Monitors
Institutional Affiliation
Curbing the Effects of Working with Monitors
The use of computers has revolutionized many work centers due to increased efficiency and accuracy in productivity. Technological advancements are transforming every industry, particularly expanding the integration of computer systems in the workflow. However, the increasing number of hours that workers spend occupied with computers is significantly arousing concerns over the numerous adverse effects. Physical stress, muscle fatigue, dwindling performance, cumulative trauma conditions, pain, and repetitive strain injuries are commonly experienced by those who spend most of their time fixed working on computers (Thosar, Bielko, Mather, Johnston, & Wallace, 2015). The arising concerns have led to the emergence of ergonomics, which collectively attempt to reduce the adverse effects arising from working with computers over long hours. 

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