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Limitation of Obesity and Food Addiction Model Health Research Paper (Research Paper Sample)


Research on obesity


Limitations of Obesity and Food Addiction Model
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Obesity is a major problem of health and it is difficult to treat. Due to difficulty in treatment, the health condition greatly impacts on the economic stouts of different countries, causing overburden. There is increasing public and scientific support that some foods are addictive and poor weight and obesity results from addiction of some foods. The paper discusses how addiction to food rich in fats and cholesterol is a major factor leading to obesity across the globe and outlines the management strategies for obesity.
Obesity has been one of the major health issues across the globe. Obesity is defined as the abnormal increase in body weight due to accumulation of excess fat. Increased incidences of obesity have become common across the world (Seydel, et al., 2017). In the Unites states however, there is an upsurge of the 7.2% cases on annual basis from between 2016 and 2019. 38.2 million children of age 0-5 years in 2019 were confirmed to be overweight. This gives a clear evidence that the population across the globe is diagnosed with obesity. The prevalence of obesity has rapidly increased among people in different countries. As a problem in most o high income countries, overweight and obese are currently rising in low income countries and urban setting making the disease to be connected to more deaths across the world. Worldwide, more people are obese than underweight and the situation is common in every region except in some parts of Sub-Saharan Africa and Asia.

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