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Promoting Positive Outcomes through Targeted Communication within Cultural Groups (Research Paper Sample)


select a healthy people 2020 topic and discuss how its objectives can be applied in a TARGETED cultural community while giving a rationale for the chosen group.


Promoting Positive Outcomes through Targeted Communication within Cultural Groups
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Health disparity is among the major issues affecting the United States’ healthcare system presently. Although different governments have rolled out varied plans to promote equity and health outcomes in the country, the majority of the minority races still suffer a higher disease burden and limited access to reliable healthcare. Weinstein et al. (2017) argue that Native Americans are some of the worst affected populations with a high burden of disease and low health literacy partly because of the community’s heterogeneous nature. The Communication and Information Technology topic of Healthy People 2020 (HP2020) presents great opportunities for practitioners within the health care industry to come up with tailor-made initiatives to promote health literacy among marginalized groups. Native American's access to healthcare services can be promoted through targeted engagements where people are encouraged to use available technological resources to seek medical help on time. Moreover, stakeholder engagements should be encouraged to ensure that the caregivers understand the cultural needs of the consumers. For this group, an increase in the number of people embracing modern medicine would be an indicator of the communication strategy’s success.
Promoting Positive Outcomes through Targeted Communication within Cultural Groups
Healthy People 2020 (HP2020) is a policy framework aimed at enhancing the wellbeing of the people by ensuring that all individuals have reliable access to healthcare. For over 40 years, the Healthy People initiative has provided a roadmap for the nation’s health by setting up actionable, measurable, and science-based objectives that enhance the health status of the population and communicate a vision of equitable healthcare for all (McGowan et al., 2019). HP2020 covers 42 key topics and 1200 objectives that help in promoting diseased prevention in specific populations (McGowan et al., 2019). Equitable healthcare in any country is achieved when there are well-stated objectives that guide the overall healthcare industry in delivering quality services to every individual in society. The actionable subsets of objectives in HP2020 present the pressing public issues that can help the United States overcome major barriers towards achieving quality health among the American population.

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