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Public health program evaluation. Health, Medicine Research Paper (Research Paper Sample)


Conduct research to identify an existing or developing public health care program in Saudi Arabia’s healthcare system, or another country’s healthcare system. In a Word document 1-2 pages, prepare a response to the following items.
Describe the public health care program you chose, identifying the program’s goals, design, target audience, and results to date.
Identify the stakeholders of the program.


Healthcare system
Healthcare system
Healthcare system in united kingdom come into existence on 5th July 1948 after Second World War. It was proposed in 1942 through parliament in social insurance and Allied service report in Beveridge Report by Aneurin Beven former minister of health. Today the healthcare can be accessed through public and public sectors by residents and non-residents. UK uses National Health Service which is known for being the first healthcare system that was funded by general taxation that provides free care at use point. NHS has a full recognition of health as right in such a way that it grants free care on need basis rather than fees payment basis. If one relocates to UK an access to free health care is fully guaranteed.

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