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Computer Science and Cybercrime IT & Computer Science Research Paper (Research Paper Sample)


Costs to defend against cyber threats continue to grow as losses mount from cybercrime. Examples of these crimes include retailers such as Target and Home Depot with the loss of credit card information, to Sony-related loss of company secrets on film releases, and to the U.S. Government, with millions of government employee’s personal data breached. Cybercrime is now an everyday occurrence and estimated annual costs due to these acts have soared into the hundreds of billions of dollars.
For this Assignment, answer the following:
1)What are some estimates on the cost of cybercrime to individuals, businesses, and governments?
2)Describe some significant cybercrime examples (at least one to a government, business, and individual). Comment on the actor, target, methods, and the resulting impact.
Organization: Headings and Subheadings should be used to organize your paper (as in the example to answer each part of the paper). Attached are required sources, use more if needed for the sake of the paper (U.S. Based sources only). A “sources” page is there numbered with some instructions on some specific sources to help narrow down information. Only allowed a maximum of 8% being directly quoted material. The reference page would have references with links in standard APA style as seen in the example. The template document was added to show the flow and structure of the paper. If there are any questions please let me know.


Impacts of Cybersecurity Attacks
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Impacts of Cybersecurity Attacks
Cybercrimes have been a cause of concern because of the increased reliance on information technology. Cybercrime can be costly for the government because functions such as military, surveillance, and internal security can be affected by the theft of information or materials (Pomerleau, 2015). The same applies to business organizations whose confidential and operational information is at stake because of the possibility of hackers access the same data and using it for malicious reasons. Companies such as Sony have led to the leakage of personal information of employees.
When the Office of Personnel Management was attacked in 2015, personal information for millions of individuals was released (Pomerleau, 2015b). Therefore, to governments and the general population, the threat posed by cybercrimes goes past mere costs. What might be done with the acquired information often leads to uncertainties regarding the most appropriate action. Hacking is a concern for many governments, as 700 million people have personal information on the internet (Ferbrache, 2016).

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