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Ethical Theory Critical Thinking IT & Computer Science Research Paper (Research Paper Sample)


Ethical Theory on the use of computers


Ethical Theory Critical Thinking
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Ethical Theory Critical Thinking
The last decade has seen significant growth in the use of computers. The advancement in technology means that there is increased access to information and automation. However, computers’ increasing power has created an opportunity for some people to create malicious programs intended to steal and manipulate data. The stealing of information has evolved such that some of the perpetrators use crude methods to hold companies hostage, through the use of ransomware (Wiener, 2018). The malicious software is instigated by employees and foreign agencies seeking to utilize weaknesses for their gain. The unethical practices have contributed to financial loss. Thus, in this article, the unethical use of data shall be discussed based on various theories’ perspectives.
* Kant’s Deontological Theory
Kant’s theory is one of the most controversial analogies in ethics. Deontology’s ethics are encapsulated in Kant’s philosophy that a person can understand and utilize morality in all situations. Spahn (2020) agreed that deontological ethics revolve around the rightness and wrongness of an action, independent of a person’s character. In the digital age, Kant’s deontology and motivational rationalism have been utilized as the moral agency to determine acts of malicious acts of data theft. The conceptualization of digital deontology has seen many hackers offer valid explanations for their actions. Therefore, this theory has evolved to assist digital theft of data.

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