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Modern-day Cryptography IT & Computer Science Research Paper (Research Paper Sample)


Modern-day Cryptography


Modern-Day Cryptography
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Modern-Day Cryptography
Cryptography is an art as old as mankind. Over time it has been used as a secure means of communication that only those initiated into the group could understand. Some examples of cryptography were witnessed in Egyptian hieroglyphs and Julius Caesar's cipher system that was used to facilitate communication between Caesar and Cicero (Goyal & Kinger, 2013; Choubey & Hashmi, 2018). It is based on these uses that the concept of modern-day cryptography was developed. While the concept of cryptography has changed over the past few years, modern-day cryptography is strongly hinged on the ancient cryptographic mechanisms because it relies on transposition, substitution, and codes. This essay shall explore modern-day cryptography and its similarity to ancient cryptography. This paper will first explore the purpose that modern-day cryptography seeks to serve. The report will then outline the techniques used in modern-day cryptography and how can they be related to ancient cryptography.
Importance of Modern-Day Cryptography
When speaking about cryptography, the first thing that comes to mind is security and this is because, in the contemporary society, cryptography is the most commonly used tool to enhance the security of computer systems. However, Boutros (2020) avers that the use of cryptography is much greater than this because it serves four major purposes, which are the engagement of confidentiality, data integrity, authentication, as well as non-repudiation. Choubey and Hashmi (2018) support this supposition and highlight the first tenet as confidentiality and this is the most common use for cryptography as it ensures that information is kept fro

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