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Information Governance and Cyber Security IT Research Paper (Research Paper Sample)


Threats to CYBERSECURITY and possible solution


Information Governance and Cyber Security
Student’s Name
Task 1: Information Governance Needs and Cyber Security Threats
Information governance is the technology, strategies and policies of a firm used in optimizing the information to meet the needs and regulations of the business by minimizing risks (Mukherjee, 2019). It controls the information in the organization such as usage, storage and creation of data. For the University of Higher Education (UHE) informatic governance will be critical in empowering the organization to effectively achieve its objectives. The software produced by Blackbaud have been confirmed to have cyber security threat. The information governance will be the backbone of UHE to effectively manage the data within its system. It helps the organization to save its cots by in minimizing risks and implementing principles and rules for achieving the goals of the organization through using proper initiatives. Thus, information governance helps in having a defensive information management system (Smallwood, 2019). Reviewing the information system help UHE to know its data making robust intonation governance to be the string platform upon which cyber security is built.

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