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Application of Critical System Approach to Solve Poverty and Inequality (Research Paper Sample)


Your task: Write an essay (2450 words excluding tables, figures and appendices) in which you analyze one
of the grand challenge from the above list and explain how it might be addressed with a critical systems


Application of Critical System Approach to Solve Poverty and Inequality
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Integrated Critical System Approach (SD & VSM)
Staicu discusses a few development economies principals revolving poverty, inequality-growth triangle (2017). The book argues that changes in inequality and growth determine the effects on a state's poverty level. The model defines development as solving inequality and growth problems within a country. The theory also calls for sustainable evolution and inequity solutions. According to Staicu, therefore, the Francois model calculates updated national development (2017). Like other conventional methods, however, the triangle fails to capture all the relevant factors, such as non-linear attributes, hierarchies, loops, and emergent issues (Staicu, 2017). The above-highlighted method, similarly, is not sufficient where scale, scope, and uncertainty of the projects are ambiguous.
The critical system approach, on the other hand, effectively can be used to solve poverty and inequality within a country or region. The theory, contrary to the traditional strategies, integrate systematic and participatory models in the solution of significant scoped problems and, in this case, poverty and inequality. Unknown to many, the system's procedure applies three essential steps: awareness creation, implementation, and pluralism integration. Awareness creation stage of the poverty and inequality solution using the critical system approach aims to define all attributes, factors, effects, consequences, and marginalization. Implementation and methodological diversity develop the desired changes and define relationships and weights of various aspects (Staicu, 2017). Finally, the approaches account for consequences, marginalization, and exclusions. Although critical system approaches are more effective in solving poverty and inequality issues than conventional methodologies, they are each characterized by limitations, which could be minimized by the integration of two or more approaches.

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