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Homeland Security Assesment Management Research Paper (Research Paper Sample)


Conduct a homeland security assessment on your hometown or current county, city, town, or base of residence (You may choose any location you wish actually.) (If you want to use where I live, Norfolk VA, attached are some references). If you live in a large metropolitan area you may choose to scale the assessment down to a manageable size such as a district, ward, precinct, etc. (Feel free to contact the instructor with any questions you may have).
Identify homeland security (emergency management) stakeholders who are involved in emergency management.
What potential hazards (natural, human, technological and HazMat) exist?
Conduct research to identify hazards and ways to mitigate these hazards (recommended sites are FEMA, IAEM, NEMA, Department of Homeland Security, and State and Local Government sites such as your state�s Office of Emergency Management. In Virginia it would be the Virginia Department of Emergency Management. You are encouraged to visit their website as well.).


Norfolk VA Homeland Security Assessment
Institutional Affiliation
Norfolk VA Homeland Security Assessment
Disaster preparedness is essential to any society, particularly those which are undergoing quick transformations in terms of development. Norfolk being a rapid-growing city in the Southside Hampton Roads region, it is highly susceptible to any form of disaster. The city is is located near Naval Station Norfolk which is the largest naval base on the planet. Besides, the city has a long shoreline which makes it vulnerable to various hazards. Such dangers can not only destroy property but they can lead to massive loss of life. The risks might never be eliminated but they can be mitigated to minimize potential impacts. This paper explores some of the ways to lessen the effects of potential hazards in Norfolk city to improve the safety of residents.

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