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Human Resource Management Management Research Paper (Research Paper Sample)


barriers to full participation at the workplace by persons with disability


Employing People with Disability
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Employing People with Disability
Disability is defined as any physical, developmental, cognitive, or mental state that impairs, hinders, or limits one from exercising their normal life functions and effectively participating in society on an equal basis. The workplace, just as any other social environment poses several challenges in terms of obligations and social relations expressed at the work place, making the workplace a dynamic environment characterized by numerous changes and activities that may seem troublesome and hectic for anyone. In spite of the enactment of laws that govern relationships at the workplace between disabled employees and other employees, there has not been a clear cultural shift in the acceptance of disabled people in the workplace. For instance, according to statistics, anti-discrimination legislations such as the American with Disabilities Act (ADA), have done very little to combat the issues and realities on the ground (Prince, 2010). A display of unconscious biasness by colleagues and the stigma associated with disability coupled with the disabled persons' fragile self-esteem may pose as a barrier to full participation at the workplace by persons with disability

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