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Labor Unions in the United States (Research Paper Sample)


A labor union is a collection of employees who come together to advance their common interests such as benefits, wages, working hours, working condition, and other employment terms. Moreover, unions provide workers with strength to advocate for their concerns such as high wages, vacation days, insurance coverage, retirement benefits, and paid sick leaves . THE PAPER DESCRIBES LABOR UNIONS IN THE UNITED STATE.


Labor Unions in the United States
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Labor unions in the United States have existed since the beginning of the country tracing back their origin to 18th century. Labor union discrimination was common in US and kept women, black workers, and immigrant out of high paying jobs. In modern times labor unions have diversified their scope allowing more women and black workers into the labor unions. Moreover after the introduction of labors unions in the US, practice of child labor ended and therefore exerting broad influence on American life, economic, reshaped politics, and cultural drapery of the nation (Henderson & Quiggin 2019). Moreover, backing of unions have risen in the US by 71% following the release of Gallup poll on august 30, 2022 which is the highest support since 1965. Furthermore, federal legislations have impacted the support for labor unions by creation of the U.S department of civil rights and department of labor.
Furthermore, in order for unions to attract more membership they need to become a political force. Moreover, organizing power political force by labor unions is formidable tool to attract and retain members by expressing their common goals and interests. Another way that labor unions can attract more membership is by protecting the rights of workers by advocating for minimum wage and

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