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Depression in the United States Psychology Research Paper (Research Paper Sample)


Research paper on Depression in the United States.


Depression in the United States
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Depression in the United States
Depression refers to a mood condition that instigates an insistent feeling of sadness along with loss of interest. According to CITATION Far16 \l 1033 (Fard, 2016), depression is a primary cause of disability and has been estimated to affect approximately 17 million Americans annually. Over the years, depression has instigated a broad array of related psychological problems, thus attracting substantial interest from various researchers to carry out in-depth analysis in this area.
Current Research
Causes of Depression
In the contemporary world, health facilities are having challenges in diagnosing and managing depression effectively based on the fact that it is instigated by a collection of factors, rather than a single readily ascertainable factor. Ideally, depression often results from a combination of psychological, environmental, and genetic factors. One common factor is the link between the disorder and the brain (Hudson & Rapee, 2005).
Psychological Factors

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